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Massi ISX, Rulers – Cheap EP

Proper Musique PRM018 12/12/2016

  • Cheap (Original Mix)

    Massi ISX, Rulers

  • Airdrop (Original Mix)

    Massi ISX, Rulers

  • Airdrop (Stefano Crabuzza Remix)

    Massi ISX, Rulers, Stefano Crabuzza

  • Cheap (Kaiq Remix)

    Massi ISX, Rulers, Kaiq

This brand new EP is coming from the Italian wonderboys Massi ISX together with Rulers. The first original called ‘Cheap’ is a bass driven groover with catchy vocals and grooving percussion lines. The second original called ‘Airdrop’ is a more laid down groover with a catchy acid line. First remix comes from the Italian DJ and producer Stefano Crabuzza. Stefano delivers his version of ‘Airdrop’ with more minimalistic drums and a deeper bassline. Second remix is coming from the Brazilian DJ and producer Kaiq. Kaiq Delivers his version of ‘Cheap’ with a nice groovy bassline, catchy synth stabs and a sublime rythm.