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Jay De Lys – Love Message EP

Proper Musique PRM022 10/04/2017

  • Love Message (Original Mix)

    Jay De Lys

  • Mr. Flow (Original Mix)

    Jay De Lys

  • Love Message (Gianfranco Troccoli Remix)

    Jay De Lys, Gianfranco Troccoli

  • Mr. Flow (Bassel Darwish Remix)

    Jay De Lys, Bassel Darwish

The Spanish DJ and producer Jay De Lys comes up with probably one of the groviest EP’s on Proper Musique so far. With Love Message and Mr. Flow he brings 2 amazing dancefloor grooves filled with deep basslines, tribing percussion lines and hypnotic vocals. The first remix comes from the Barcelona based DJ and producer Bassel Darwish. Bassel’s remix is a straight forward dancefloor groover that is perfectly build around the original vocal. The 2nd remix comes from the Italian DJ and producer Gianfranco Troccoli. He delivers a more minimal groovy version of Love Message.