We caught up with the Italian based DJ and producer Last Vision and asked him some questions. Check it out below!


1. So firstly, how did you get started, what were your influences and what drew you towards DJ’ing and producing?
First of all I’d like to point out that I was born as a classical musician, which is still my everyday professional work. I started DJ’ing and producing because of pure curiosity, driven by an invitation to collaborate with him by my longtime friend, Andrea, who was already in the emerging underground scene known as “Drehan Esse”.

2. Coming from Italy, a place that’s always had a very strong dance music presence of artists and DJ’s, what do you think of the Italian scene and what do you see happening in the future, how does it fair with the rest of the world?
Oh, nice question! From my point of view Italy has so much strong dancefloors, but not too much opportunities for emerging dj-producers. I hope in the future will be better for all young worthy guys who spent much time in their studios, while outside there are people who emerge only because of their good social consideration. Will see. About a very strong dance music presence of artists: I think thet one of best local forge of talentsis surely is the SK Recordings Crew (Mandarino Club, Cromie, Le Cave, Parco Gondar etc), they make many amazing events in all seasons.

3. You have been signed to some great labels now, how would you describe the sound you have, and what do you look for when making a new track, how do you go about it?
I think mine is a constantly evolving sound. I always try to influence my work from any kind of musical genre (jazz, classical, rock, metal, hiphop, funky, etc).

4. What would you say has been the best achievments or the craziest times so far in your music career, and if you could go back and relive one specific night/event, what would it be?
Craziest times surely were when I found some of my tracks played by Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Leon and other great artists I always follow.

5. What artists and DJ’s are doing it for you at the moment, who’s studio would you like to collab in or who’s record bag would you like raid?
I’d like to collab with artists such as Guti, Dennis Cruz, Latmun, Rub A Dub and many others. Will see if it will happen in the future, stay tuned!

6. Technology moves pretty quick in the club scene, how do you see this changing in the future, are you traditional ‘decks and mixer’ type of guy or would you like to see more of a hybrid of live elements coming into clubs? I’m not so much finicky about it. I love playing ‘vinyl only’ but at the same time I also really appreciate the speed of mixing with cutting-edge equipment. In my opinion the most important thing is the final goal of every DJ: the dancefloor on fire!

7. The year is moving by quite quickly, what have you got going on this year, any big plans for the summer for gigs or festivals?
Will see, some things are growing, but can’t announce them for now. Follow me on all my social pages for any news!

8. Lastly, which character or characters from major Hollywood movies would you like to go on a mad one in Ibiza with?
Probably, Jennifer Aniston! I think she should be so crazy!


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