We caught up with the Miami based duo Designerz and asked them some questions. Check it out below!


1. Where are you based, how did you guys meet and what prompted you to start the Designerz project?
We are based out of miami and atlanta started designerz after Ralo & Strada we wanted one name and we redirected our style in music. 

2. How would you describe the sound you have developed together, and what influences have got you here?
It comes for the obsession of beatiful sounds and the passion to make music combined with modernity.old school and futuristic designs and of course the love for the dancefloor terrace vibes. 

3. What have been your most memorable highlights and achievements so far? (the best venues you have played, releases or collaborations?)
The times we always played together are always the best venues like Music Room in atlanta and do not sit on the furniture in miami .we also have a few releases on the way on pild records ,psicodelica,and many more we hace collabs with ours friends rone white,alessandro dirrugiero,nacho pontiggia coming soon!!

4. Who are the top three artists or DJ’s to look out for that you are the most excited about right now?
Gianluca caldarelli,fauvrelle,los pastores .

5. What funny stories or situations can you tell us about? What crazy things have happened to you at gigs along the way?
Last timewe played in miami the dj booth was so packed we couldnt even move but we had fun hahaha.

6. Lastly, what big plans do you have for the year ahead in 2018?
We are trying to polish our sound in every release as much as we can working any vibe we want its all depends how we feel at the time.2018 def trying to play more and release in labels we love!


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